DIY Steel Sheds

Excellent DIY steel storage sheds

If you are looking to save a bit of money but still get a quality outdoor shed, then one of our DIY steel sheds might be for you. Keeping all your outdoor equipment such as the mower, gardening tools and even the pool gear in one place is helpful for many Australian homeowners. However many people are put off by the by the price tag that comes with getting purpose-built storage.

The great kit sets we offer at Nature Assist Sheds and Garages give you all the great manufacturing benefits of our quality steel sheds, without the construction costs. Our DIY steel storage sheds come with clear and easy to read instructions, making it easy for you to build for yourself.

Our kits for DIY steel sheds are easy to transport, meaning you don’t have to own a truck to get a great home shed.

For all the benefits of a Big Country Sheds shed without the added labour cost, get one of our outstanding DIY steel storage sheds.

Industrial Sheds

No matter how large of a building or what the purpose might be, our strong industrial buildings can be tailored to suit!

Whether you need a factory or a new open space roof for a sports centre, we can tailor a large outdoor storage building for you.

Our industrial sheds are built with either strong I-Beam columns and rafters, or a welded-web truss. Backing the truck into one of these sheds is going to do any damage except to your ute. This makes them ideal as heavy machinery storage sheds.

All industrial options are built with strong Z-Sections for the purlins and girts with welded cleats for attaching. The frame needs to be crane lifted into place but the frames are fully constructed ready for the sheeting.

The strength of the I-Beam/Web Truss combination allows you to pull big spans for storing the tractor, installing a crane rail or even as an aircraft hangar.

Rural Sheds

Whether you need a stable for the horses or a machinery shed with big openings for storing the equipment, we have the solution for you. Nature Assist Sheds and Garages in Alexandra can provide you with a wide range of rural storage sheds – either open-sided or fully enclosed for any purpose.

Our rural storage sheds are designed to withstand all sorts of Australian conditions and don’t need to be treated like a baby. You can either choose to have full Colorbond sheeting or plain Zincalume sheeting on the roofs and walls.

You can also choose to optionally include insulation, skylights or vermin flashings in your shed to ensure you get the structure that best suits your requirements.

A 4m x 4m open-sided skillion shed makes for a great horse shelter. Heavy duty industry best hold down bracket options include embedded type or bolt to existing slab hinge up styles to pivot frames up for ease of construction.

All standard Bluescope product warranties apply for up to 15 years for your steel purlins, Zincalume and Colorbond sheeting and raingoods. This means you can rest assured when you buy rural storage sheds from Big Country Sheds, you get a quality building.

Skillion Monoslope Sheds

These sheds are just like a normal garage but offer the simple and stylish alternative of a single monoslope roof. These sheds are ideal if they are sitting next to a house to mimic the shape of the roof to give the appearance that the shed is just an extension of the house. This makes them perfect as small outdoor storage sheds.

Our skillion designs are available from 3m to 12m wide and up to 5.0m high at the low end of the building. Roof pitches are available in 5, 7.5 and 10 degrees. You can also add an awning to both sides of the building. Roller-doors can also be added to any side of the shed including the sloping side, making them extremely versatile as small outdoor storage solutions.

With our skillion sheds, we use heavy duty knee connection plates supplied in thick galvanised steel which bolt together with a minimum of 8 M12 bolts per plate. No lightweight thin tek screwed mainframe connection brackets from us! A skillion garden storage shed from Nature Assist Construction Company is built to last.

Heavy-duty hold down bracket options include both embedded type and bolting to the existing slab. We also offer hinge up styles to pivot frames up, allowing for ease of construction.

All standard Bluescope product warranties apply for up to 15 years for your steel purlins, Zincalume and Colorbond sheeting and rain goods. These warranties ensure when you buy garden sheds from Big Country Sheds, you buy quality.