What Warranty Comes with Your Sheds?

All of our sheds, barns and carports come with a 10 Year BlueScope Steel manufacturers warranty on sheeting and portal frames.

How do I Get a Quote or Price for a Shed?

The best way is to drop in for a coffee so we can design your shed on the big screen in 3D and discuss any additional extras you may need. Unlike our competitors, we will give you a complete price on the spot before you leave.  Our premier quoting software allows us to customise any building to your exact requirements, regardless of the size you require.  You can also contact us directly.

What Extra Costs Will I Be Up For?

In most cases none. Included in the quote price we give you are all of the components needed to build your shed and any applicable delivery fees. If required we will also give you a price for erecting your shed and also laying a concrete slab.  All of our shed rainwater connections (gutters and downpipes) are calculated to ground level only. If you require additional drainage or a storm water or tank connection this would be an additional cost. It also assumed that the shed is being built on a level site and that earthworks are not required.

Do I Require Council Approval for My Shed?

In nearly all cases you will need some form of Council approval for your shed. After your deposit is paid we will release watermarked engineering plans, slab and footing engineering, a slab layout diagram and a windload certificate to assist in your Council application.  Unfortunately each Council is different and this approval process can take anywhere up to 8 weeks.

How Long Before I Get My Shed?

Depending on whether you need Council approval, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture and deliver all the componentry to site.  If Council approval is required, we will not order your shed until the approval has been received.

Can I Build My Own Shed?

Depending on the size of the shed, it is possible to build it yourself. When you purchase a shed from us, you will receive a detailed construction guide to assist you.  Unfortunately, sheds are not like something from an IKEA catalogue. For larger sheds, specialist machinery such as cranes and lifters may be required, that we will look after if you require us to erect it. Discuss your options with us when you come in for a quote.

What is the Payment Plan for My Shed?

If you require Council approval, a 10% deposit is required to release engineering plans. A further 40% of the kit price is required before ordering and the remaining 50% required when your delivery date is confirmed.  If you require us to erect the building or lay down a slab, we can provide you with an agreeable payment plan during the progress of your shed being built.

What Payment Options Are Available?

You can pay for your shed with direct deposit, credit card or cheque.

Colour Chart & Sheeting

When you buy a shed with Big Country Sheds you can choose any of the following Colorbond colours to tailor your shed.

You can choose different colours for any of the following, allowing you to get a shed that matches your house or other existing building if needed:

  • Roof Sheeting

  • Gutters & Downpipes

  • Windows

  • Barge Capping

  • Wall Sheeting

  • Roller-Doors

  • Personal Access Doors

  • Ridge Capping

Colour Chart

Erecting Your Shed

Big Country Sheds can manage your complete shed solution from purchasing the shed, handling the council application through to erecting your shed and even laying down the slab.

There is no need to organise any additional contractors or be surprised by any unknown “extra” costs. We can manage the whole process for you.

Our licensed builders have been erecting sheds for over 27 years and know all the tools, tips and tricks of the trade. We will take great care in building your shed to ensure it is as strong as possible, whilst ensuring that all engineering and council obligations are met.
You can, of course, choose to build the shed yourself. When you buy a garage from Big Country Sheds you will be supplied with a comprehensive erection manual and relevant engineering plans. Just remember that usually specialist equipment is required to erect larger sheds.

If the site for your shed is on the side of a hill then additional earthworks may be required. All sheds must be built on level sites, so let us know before we give you a quote about any additional earthworks so we can give you the complete price the first time.

We normally only quote a shed with the gutter downpipes down to ground level. If you want to connect your rainwater to a stormwater tank or have other specialist stormwater connections requirements let us know when you come in for a quote.

Extra Options

In addition to the normal steel and sheeting required to build a shed or carport, there are a range of additional extras available which can be used to customise your shed exactly the way you want it. When we develop a quote for you, let us know if any of the following are required:


Skylights are an excellent way to allow natural light to enter your shed or carport. Skylights are available in either a clear or opal coloured sheet.

Partition Walls

You can additional internal walls to segment your shed for different purposes. Doors and windows can even be added to these walls.


We have an extensive range of roller-doors in all sizes for both domestic and industrial purposes. All Colorbond colours are available.

Personal Access-Doors

You can add multiple PA doors to your shed. All doors are usually 2040mm x 820mm and can come with locksets if needed.


There is a range of fixed sized windows available for your shed in all Colorbond colours. If needed you can add security screens or fly screens to your windows.

Glass Sliding Doors

If your shed is also your office, you may wish to add a glass sliding door. Glass doors are available in a fixed amount of sizes in all Colorbond colours. Security screens can also be added.


There is a range of ventilation options available to add to your shed. Whether you need a way to cool the workshop in summer or you are working with chemicals, a solution is available.


If you are going to be working in your shed a lot, you may wish to insulate the roof from the heat of summer, or cold of winter.

Vermin Flashings

A vermin flashing is an excellent way to stop mice, rats or snakes getting into your shed between the edge of the slab and the wall sheets.

Roller Door Motors and Remotes

You can add a motor and remote to your roller-doors so they open and close automatically. No one wants to get out of the car to open the door in the middle of a storm.

Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor can be added for additional storage room in your shed. A great place to store that tent that never gets used.

Attached Awning

You can add an awning or lean-to to the side of your shed to park the car. Awnings can also be enclosed with sheeting if needed.

ShedTech & Shed Alliance

We’ve joined with Shed Alliance to bring you the best industry prices and service in the shed market today. A lot of other companies and franchises have to pay exorbitant fees which usually mean dearer sheds for the end customer. Shed Alliance provides us with the best pricing possible whilst allowing us to remain independent to provide you with better service.

The Shed Alliance buying group also ensures that our buildings remain at the forefront of engineering and Australian standards, and that as a collective we all benefit from the latest in shed developments and market trends.

Part of the Shed Alliance offering is the ShedTech quoting and ordering software which allows us to quote and supply an extensive range of buildings to suit all customer needs. The software is Australia’s premier shed software which ensures that your shed is quoted and ordered correctly the first time, without wastage or shortages.

ShedTech allows us to provide you with an interactive quote in 3D. You can come in and have a coffee and design your shed in real time. You can also see the benefit and differences in cost for all the possible modifications you would like to have included in your shed.

The Shed Alliance and ShedTech combination allows us to provide you with the most competitive prices whilst still providing strongly engineered buildings unlike a lot of other shed suppliers. We can provide you with full bolted and bracketed portal designs at the same price that other are offering for sheds put up with tek screws.

Why not come in for a quote and we can design your shed to your requirements exactly.